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The post-Covid Workplace needs a smart digital strategy to enhance safety yet support productivity.
Introducing yAAm, a non-intrusive BLE application that will digitize various touchpoints in the Workplace with minimum or no Human intervention.


  • Social Distancing

  • Change features to – Various touch points that can be digitized

  • Employee entry exit management

  • Time & attendance

  • Door access

  • Locker access

  • Virtual exchange of Business Cards

  • Washroom management

  • High contact unassigned areas

  • Energy management

  • Evacuation management

  • Food court management

  • Visitor management

  • Workstation height adjustment



yAAm can also ensure social distancing for everyone in the Premises, even Visitors
Hi There! Raises a loud alert when the permissible social distance is violated. App stores digitally encrypted data of all contacts made in the last 30 days.  Gives information on crowd level of each floor so that one can decide movement within the workplace, even unassigned collaborative spaces can be brought inside this system quickly.
•    A war room set up in the Mobiles of Management to manage   multiple facilities across locations
•    Features are modular – Touchpoints can be digitized individually or holistically
•    Solution is retrofittable, existing infrastructure remains intact
•    Quick and economical to implement




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